Master Programs in Cognitive Science at Utrecht University

For students interested in Cognitive Science there are three relevant Research Master programs in Utrecht:


Linguistics: the Study of the Language Faculty:

The Research Master’s programme in Linguistics is intended for students from all over the world who combine a talent for research with curiosity about language and are interested in pursuing research into language and the way it is embedded in human cognition. The programme is guided by the following main questions: Which cognitive faculties underlie human language, and how do they interact?

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Neuroscience and Cognition:

The international Master’s programme Neuroscience and Cognition teaches you the fundamental principles of neuroscience and trains you to perform neuroscience research as part of a multidisciplinary team. There are two programme tracks, experimental and clinical neuroscience and cognitive neuroscience. The neurosciences comprise a vast multidisciplinary field of research aimed at understanding normal and pathological brain function. This multidisciplinary character makes the neuroscience field quite interesting and challenging.

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Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Processing track:

The new research master in AI has a special track in Cognitive Processing. This track is intended for students with a keen interest in both theoretical and experimental aspects of Cognitive Science research, who have completed a bachelor degree in areas pertinent to the study of cognition and language, especially in psychology, linguistics, artificial intelligence, computer science or philosophy.

This master track predominantly focuses on language and perception. Both these themes are crucial for understanding human intelligence and how we explore our daily environment. To emulate visual perception or conversation abilities in intelligent systems, we need to understand how humans perceive the world and talk about it. Because the techniques to study language and perception are used throughout the field of Cognitive Science, this track provides students with the skills, experience and knowledge necessary for a wide variety of current research on human cognition.


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